A Reformative Social Movement

I’ve heard the topic about gun control many times on the news, and I’ve decided to look into it. Gun control will not help to reduce the violence happening in America. The USA has one of the highest gun ownership rate (about 88.8 per 100 residents) and is only #103 in the highest intentional homicide rate compared to other countries. One of my sources also included in the passage that since the United Kingdom banned handguns in 1977, the number of recorded attacks soared by 77%, there are around 2,034 violent crimes that happen per 100,000 people in the UK. In Kennesaw, Georgia, they passed a law which says the head of a household must carry at least one firearm in the house. There was an 89% drop in residential burglary rates after the mandatory gun law. This is a reformative social movement because this only changes society’s opinion on gun control. Stopping people from using guns will not stop violence according to my source.