Gun Control Compared To The Battle Of Lexington And Concord

The battle of Lexington and Concord had many similarities and differences with gun control. They are similar because the British tried to seize gunpowder from Concord, which is like guncontrol because the VA put veterans on the gun ban list (a list where they would take away your guns) without proper backing. So, they both tried to take away ammunition without proper backing and reasons. Also, when they did this, they both violated the second amendment; the right to bear arms. But there are some differences. The British only wanted to seize the guns and ammunition just so the colonists (the good guys) could be at a disadvantage, while gun control wants to make the bad guys at a disadvantage to protect citizens. Also, the battle of Lexington and Concord wanted to take the guns so the colonists would give up and stop the rebellion. But gun control now is more about changing laws, and the time period of Lexington and Concord was more about stopping rebels.