Other’s Opinions

So, in search for more answers and opinions I’ve decided to ask some colleagues, family, and staff the same question, “What do you think about gun control, and are you for or against it?” Here are some answers. Jaydon, a peer, had said, “Yes, I agree with gun control. I don’t think that some people should have high-powered weapons that could kill easily, and possibly harm others because of mental conditions.” A staff member, Mr. Reyes, and my sister, Vivian, also had a similar answer to Jaydon. He said, “I agree. No one should be able to buy a gun without a background or mental check.” Vivian’s answer was, “I agree with gun control, there should be gun restrictions and have multiple psychology tests to make sure guns don’t fall into the wrong hands.” Lastly, there is Tessa’s opinion. She is another classmate of mine and she replied with, “Yes, I do agree. I think people should look into the criminal records and find the intentions for each person’s gun license. If they want to use it for self defense, then that’s fine but don’t let criminals have guns. It is our rights to bear arms, and we have a right for self defense.” All of the replies I have gotten are on the same path: they agree with gun control and there should be more background tests.